Thursday, January 24, 2008

Right from the Beginning

I am just going to say it: the Clintons have some wickedly brilliant political skills. As an observer of politics foreign and domestic, I am constantly impressed by their ability to read the signs of the times.

Sure, the media doesn’t like their sense of entitlement, so what! OK, old-school Democrats hate their moderate triangulations in order to have the broadest appeal without really standing for anything, who cares! Yeah, political historians are concerned that Bill is tarnishing what little dignity he has left by so overtly engaging in political campaigns as a former president, screw you!

While it is quite true that various political elites seem dog tired of the Clintons and their brand of political showmanship, it really doesn’t matter. They still have the touch. The two of them have an uncanny ability of discovering the pulse of the current political mood. They know when to dust off their McGovernite roots and play the uber-progressives still fighting the battles for women, hippies and Stokely Carmichael. They sense when to shift and morph into the bland centrists of the 90s, running on their joint opposition to rap music and baggy pants in schools. And few other politicos know how to be both pro-war and pro-imperialism without anyone seeming to notice.

And they’ve been doing this for years. It sure makes all the little rough hairs stand up on the back of my neck, but you got to give them their due. They are brilliant…and evil.

Mason Slidell

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