Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Remergence of the Rev

Rev. Jeremiah Wright returned this week with a whirlwind media tour that included speeches before the NAACP and the National Press Club. I know if I was Barack Obama, I would be none too happy with my pastor.

From stating that the attacks on him are really attacks on the "black church" to claiming that the federal government may have created AIDS to destroy African-Americans, Wright has gleefully and with gusto re-injected race into the campaign. I grimaced watching the ego-driven Wright before the NAACP making fun of JFK and LBJ's speech patterns and openly mocking the way white people sing in church. He seemed to get a certain joy sticking his thumb in white America's eye. Almost like the only reason he returned was for some vengeance. And even worse for Obama, Wright said on several occasions that the candidacy of Obama was none of his concern and he would say what he pleased no matter what.

Obama seems unable to control his image as all sorts of figures from his past return and make him look like an urban radical straight out of '68. And the Clintons are perpetuating that image with voters and superdelegates every chance they get. It seems to me that Obama is weakening more and more as he gets closer and closer to securing the nomination.

Mason Slidell

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