Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is Obama Funny?

My apologies (if you care) for being away so long. Life has been busy.

Yesterday's New York Times ran an article inquiring into the psyche of late night comedians (that is a tough job I am sure). The basic question is one I have been asking as I watch them myself: where are the jokes about Obama? The overall answer from the article seems to be that Obama has yet to distingish himself comedically.

I sort of see where they are coming from. If someone where to ask me what makes certain politicans funny, various words or phrases would pop into my mind fairly quickly: Clinton: sleazy womanizer, G.W. Bush: dumb and verbally disjointed, Gore: robotic, Cheney: angry old man, McCain: also angry old man. But Obama? I am not sure, though I think the recent JibJab cartoon would be my first inclinaton. He gives off a "kumbaya" vibe.

As young people I talk to get many of their ideas about current events from Stewart, Colbert and Letterman, I think those of the comedic persuasion should say more about this.

Mason Slidell

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Joseph Fromm said...

I got a joke fur ya!

Barak Obama has just sign a marketing deal with the famous footwear manufacturer Birkenstock's. The new shoe will be called Barakinstock's! Tah Dah!