Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holy Family

Children of Men was one of those movies for me that did not hang together plot wise but has some extremely powerful scenes. The most powerful one for me comes at the end of the movie, when Clive Owen, the new mother, and her baby move through a ceasefire that is in total silence. The whole way through the movie I thought I saw a lot of Holy Family imagery, but in this scene in particular I felt it was strong. Joseph guides Mary, the woman who should not have conceived, who is carrying the child, here looked upon as the savior of the human race. I have not read J.D. Powers novel, so I do not know if she intended this imagery. It is palpable in this scene, however, as the hideous sound of machine guns that has been going now for quite a while non stop suddenly stops. People stretch out their hands to touch this child, not unlike the women who touches Christ's cloak. They are almost in worship, all alike, as if a monstrance with the blessed sacrament is moving through their midst. One woman can be heard saying "bendito eres." Soldiers kneel and cross themselves as when the Eucharist passes. And Clive Owen, the Joseph figure, not husband, but protector of this women and her child, moves with them. Let me know what you think; I think in honor of the Holy Family, this is a beautiful scene. If you would like to skip a lot of the lead up, you can just start at 6:24 and watch the last three minutes or so.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Nathan O'Halloran, SJ

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