Saturday, March 21, 2009

Marching on Mason Slidell and All Other Infidels

I just have to post this picture. It makes me look so holy. And don't worry, this is the only time I wear a cassock, when I'm doing sodality/CLC events. This is an 8th grade group and we pray a rosary every Friday together. Very impressive gang of boys. Keep us in your prayers.

Nathan O'Halloran, SJ


Nathan O'Halloran, SJ / Mason Slidell said...

Was that y'all throwing rocks at my Ivory Tower?

Great to see young men at prayer!

Mason Slidell

BCatholic said...

Why would we be worried about whether or not you wear a cassock?

Anonymous said...

Um, how about because he's a guy?

BCatholic said...

So Ignatius wasn't a guy?

Anonymous said...

Ignatius lived in the sixteenth century. You're not too bright, are you?

BCatholic said...

You are right, I am very slow. Please forgive me for that and be patient with my small mind. But please explain my error here:

-the cassock remains a priestly vestment
-women are excluded from the priesthood

Therefore, those who wear the cassock must be men.