Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Failure Averse

5 years in Iraq.

Almost 4,000 deaths.

"Americans are not casualty averse. They are failure averse," James Carafano says. "They were unhappy with the lack of progress and spiraling violence. That is why you have seen public support rebound after it was clear the surge was working."

Yep, we want to be successful. No surprise there. So let's put more troops in. Oh, wait, I forgot. McCain is "pro-life."

My bad.

Speaking of pro-life:

Thankfully the Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act that I posted on a few days ago might not have the same support from Paterson as it did from Spitzer, who felt more beholden to his pro-abortion supporters for office. He of course is very pro-choice, but this may be some good news.

Markel, SJ

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