Monday, March 31, 2008

Racist Planned Parenthood

This video highlights the continued racist activities of Planned Parenthood. You can watch the actual tapings of Planned Parenthood promising to earmark donations for minority abortions specifically. Unbelievable stuff. Make sure you watch this.

There will be a protest and demonstration in Washington DC on April 24. More details to come.

Markel, SJ

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longin, SJ said...

Amazing. I kind of feel a bit sorry for the poor fools who answered the phone and didn't know any better. I wonder if any of them were fired or moved off the phones?

It really shows how evil abortion is regardless of the intent of those who perpetrate it. Imagine the same conversation, but instead of overt racism, the donor simply said, "I want to help a minority woman," rather than, "I want fewer black kids." Same evil result. I'd really hope that people would see that, even if PP had refused money from racist donors, what they're doing still has the same racist effect.