Tuesday, March 11, 2008

His Pain, Our Gain

Well, from what I'm hearing up in New York City from some friends about Eliot Spitzer, the recent scandal is good news for the pro-life movement. They were telling me that he has a bill he is pushing that would require all private hospitals, Catholic and Jewish, to perform abortions; it would remove all parental notification laws for minors; and it would allow all hospital staff to perform abortions, even non-physicians. Even non-pro-life people think its pretty crazy. So hopefully this will do what it takes to remove support for this bill or to stall it.

Markel, SJ


Markel & Mason said...

Well, a ray of sunshine indeed.

Mason Slidell

Anonymous said...

No comment on the latest to-do at Karen Hall's blog?

Markel & Mason said...

i can't handle the drama, and i'm on vacation.
Markel, SJ

Appleboro, MT! said...

If you want a good idea how Karen Hall operates, read this piece in the New York Times:


Just replace "Obama" (the only word that makes her foam at the mouth more than "Jesuit") with "Mark Mossa" and you've got your man! er, woman.